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    Call for Abstracts Close 6 Setember 2019
  • Abstract Notifications 26 September 2019
    3 October 2019
  • Early-Bird/Presenter Registration Close 11 October 2019
  • Standard Registration Open 12 October 2019
  • Extended Poster Abstracts Deadline 31 October 2019
  • Workshops 8 December 2019
  • ASI 2019 8 – 12 December 2019
48th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology 8 – 12 December 2019
Adelaide Convention Centre

Special Interest Group Workshops

Special Interest Group Workshops

Sunday 8 December

Clinical Immunology Workshop

Location: Lecture Theatre 1059 (A and B)
Adelaide University Health and Medical Services Building

The purpose of the Clinical Immunology SIG is to provide an avenue for clinical immunology researchers with a drive to bring their research ideas into the clinic, and to promote current disease-relevant immunology research of ASI members amongst clinical societies. The group aims to facilitate the sharing of resources, promote networking opportunities between clinical immunology-focused ASI members and lift the profile of clinical immunology within clinical societies to accelerate translation of research findings by better engaging clinical community in cutting edge immunology research.

We have put together an exciting program for the 2019 Clinical Immunology Workshop in Adelaide, including talks from leaders in the field of Primary Immunodeficiency and Allergy, Prof Lennart Hammarström and Prof Judah Denburg and transplantation talk sponsored by TSANZ. We warmly welcome participation from local scientists and clinicians keen to hear the latest on immunodeficiency, allergy and inflammation research and strongly encourage registration from researchers from all career stages.

Speakers: Lennart Hammarstrom


Primary Immunodeficiency
Lennart Hammarström
Cindy Ma
Charlotte Slade
Selected abstract
Morning Tea
Allergic Inflammation
Judah Denberg
Merryn Netting
Adriana Le
Susanne Heinzel
Autoimmunity and Inflammatory Disease
David Brown
Patrick Quinn
TSANZ-sponsored speaker
William Smith
Kirsten Fairfax
Selected abstract

Infection and Immunity Workshop

Location: G030 Lecture Theatre
Adelaide University Health and Medical Services Building

This year’s Infection and Immunity Special Interest Group Workshop will include sessions on Parasite and Bacterial Infections, Viral and Vaccine Immunology and a joint session with Mucosal Immunology.

Invited talks feature presentations by Jo Kirman, Mohammed Alsharifi, Natalie Prow, Sebastian Scheer and Johannes Meier and will also include an international speaker.

In addition to the invited speaker’s listed, multiple speakers will be selected from submitted abstracts and a prize for the best presentation will be awarded. So make sure to register for the workshop and take part in what is sure to be a great day.

Speakers: Sebastian Scheer, Natalie Prow, Jonatan Leffler, Jo Kirman, Sumaira Hasnain, Mohammed Alsharifi


Sebastian Scheer
Johannes Mayer
Selected abstracts
Morning Tea
Viruses and Vaccines
Natalie Prow
Selected abstracts
Mucosal Infections (combined session with MI SIG)
Jonatan Leffler (MI SIG)
Jo Kirman
Mohammed Alsharifi
Selected abstracts

Mucosal Immunology Workshop

Location: Joe Vecro Lecture Theatre
Adelaide University Health and Medical Services Building

The mucosal surfaces of the gut, lung and urogenital tract require sophisticated mechanisms to coordinate homeostasis and defence against pathogen invasion. The field is undergoing a renaissance, exemplified by the identification of ILCSs, MAIT cells, TRMs, and new epithelial subtypes with distinct biological functions. The role of microdata in health and disease, both at mucosal sites and systemically, is another fascinating hot-topic of research for mucosal immunologists. At the forthcoming workshop, the invited speakers will touch on these subjects and will place special emphasis on study design, methodological techniques, good practice and potential pitfalls, to help support trainees interested in pursuing research questions relating to mucosal immunology.

Speakers: Yasmine Belkaid, Samuel Forster, Simon Keely, Jonathan Leffer, Sarah Roberston and Colby Zaph


Mucosal Immunology Workshop
Yasmine Belkaid
Host Microbiome Interactions
Samuel Forster
Simon Keely
Gut/ FMT
Colby Zaph
Sarah Robertson
Reproductive/ Tregs
Jonatan Leffer
DC by Flow
Smaira Hasnain
Lung Infection
Rapid Talks
5 x Selected Abstracts

Postgraduate Workshop

Location: Lecture Theatre 4050 (A and B)
Adelaide University Health and Medical Services Building

The Postgraduate Student Workshop will deliver a diverse range of material aimed at providing attendees with technical and conceptual knowledge that will greatly assist their postgraduate studies. In addition, the workshop will provide insights into a variety of potential career paths to pursue following completion of postgraduate study. The program will feature an overview of innate and adaptive Immunity, a comprehensive session around designing multicolour flow cytometry panels and valuable insights into effective grant writing and publishing skills. In addition, attendees will hear from representatives from the fields of academia, research, industry, clinical trials and venture capitalism who will provide perspectives on the diverse range of potential career pathways beyond postgraduate study.

Speakers: Dani Dixon, Shaun McColl, Allison Cowin, Michelle Head, Jill Carr, Indzy Katik, Melissa McBurnie

Stromal Immunology Workshop

Location: Centre for Cancer Biology North Terrace

The Stromal Immunology SIG covers tissue microenvironments and their interactions with the immune system, focusing on a greater appreciation of the commonalities stroma share between different tissues and systems. Our members bring expertise from fibroblasts, endothelium, lymphatics, epithelium, adipose tissue, MSCs and their interactions with specialised microenvironmental leukocytes. Systems covered include tumour microenvironment, thymus, bone marrow, gut, liver, adipose, and nervous system. And anything else you care to bring. The workshop includes student and early career speaking slots, and several sponsored prizes. There is an emphasis on collaboration and community. Please email to be added to our newsletter, and follow us on Twitter @stromal_immunol where we share and discuss the latest stromal immunology advances.

Speaker: Ron Germain


Stromal Immunology Workshop
Ronald Germain
Tissue microenvironments
Veronika Lukacs-Kornek
Immunoregulatory stromal cells
Natasha Harvey
Lymphatic development and disease
Alexander Swarbrick
The tumour microenvironment
Joanna Groom
Immune response dynamics in lymphoid tissues
Susan Woods
Stromal cells in bowel cancer
Selected abstracts

Systems Immunology Workshop

Location: Auditorium

The development of new higher-throughput omics, single cell, and imaging technologies, coupled with advanced computational methods for their analysis and integration, is opening up many new research opportunities in immunology and is revolutionising the characterisation of human immune states and responses in infectious diseases, cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune and allergic diseases, vaccination, and immunotherapy. This workshop will feature cutting edge talks from several invited international and national speakers discussing their latest work in this field, as well as talks selected from submitted abstracts. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for a discussion of the challenges facing this budding field and will provide an opportunity to network and build new collaborations to accelerate your research in this area.

The workshop gratefully acknowledges sponsorship from SAHMRI

Tumour Immunology Workshop

Location: Level 8 Lecture Theatre
Centre for Cancer Biology North Terrace

The Tumour Immunology SIG aims to provide an avenue for researchers to come together in a cancer focused group and drive research ideas all the way from the fundamental biology of cancer through to translation into the clinic. Being a single day satellite meeting of annual ASI conference, this workshop aims to promote current cancer-relevant immunology research of ASI members. The workshop aims to facilitate the sharing of resources, promote networking opportunities between cancer-focused ASI members and lift the profile of cancer immunology across the sector which may accelerate translation of research findings by better outcomes for patients with cancer. The workshop will have sessions related to the tumour immune microenvironment, innate immunity and cancer, cellular therapies and clinical translation. We look forward to welcoming scientists and clinicians in these areas of interest and strongly encourage registration from researchers from all career stages.

Speaker: Pam Ohashi, Mike Jensen


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