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Key Dates

    Call for Abstracts Close 6 Setember 2019
  • Abstract Notifications 26 September 2019
    3 October 2019
  • Early-Bird/Presenter Registration Close 11 October 2019
  • Standard Registration Open 12 October 2019
  • Extended Poster Abstracts Deadline 31 October 2019
  • Workshops 8 December 2019
  • ASI 2019 8 – 12 December 2019
48th Annual Scientific Meeting of The Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology 8 – 12 December 2019
Adelaide Convention Centre

Poster Session 1 - Monday

Poster Session 1
Poster Board No. Paper Title and Author
P001 Seminal fluid exposure at mating evokes epigenetic modifications in thymus-derived regulatory T cells in female mice
Lachlan Moldenhauer
P002 CD1a-restricted T cells: A unique population of lipid reactive T cells
Catriona Nguyen-robertson
P003 The role of BMI-1, a polycomb group protein, in plasma cell survival
Jack Polmear
P004 The destiny of tissue-resident T cells in liver transplantation
Amy Prosser
P005 BCL6 amounts regulate B-cell progression through increasingly proliferative compartments of the early-activated B-cell response
Marcus Robinson
Tim Sadlon
P007 MPO-specific T-Cell responses in patients with Myeloperoxidase Anti- Neutrophilic Cytoplasmic Antibody Associated Vasculitis
Matthew Terrill
P008 Irf4 plays an essential role in the generation of B-1a cells
Stephanie Trezise
P009 Identifying novel genes involved in antibody secreting cell generation and function
Stephanie Trezise
P010 Sex-depedent regulation of VAT Treg cell differentiation and homeostasis
Santiago Valle Torres
P011 CD4+ T Cell Differentiation is Initiated by TCR Signaling During an Initial Priming Phase and Occurs Independently of Effects due to Division or Survival.
Nicholas van Panhuys
P012 T-helper 22 cells develop as a distinct lineage from Th17 cells during respiratory and gastrointestinal infection and are modulated by the master regulator T-bet
Jessica Weaver
P013 A Novel Role for ZEB2 in the Human CD4+ T Cell Compartment
Soon Wei Wang
Yan Zhang
P015 Isolation of mouse CD45 positive leukocytes from tissues
Frann Antignano
P016 Estradiol regulation of HLA expression in female reproductive tract
Danica Hickey
P017 Reduction in regulatory T cell number in early pregnancy impairs decidual artery remodeling and leads to fetal growth restriction
Shanna Hosking
P018 89Zr-pro-MMP-9 F(ab’)2 immunoPET detects colitis induced intestinal and kidney fibrosis.
Patrick Huges
P019 IL-18, not IL-12, drives mucosal Th1 response against the enteric pathogen Citrobacter rodentium.
Catherine Kennedy
P020 Estrogen amplifies pre-existing atopy-associated Th2-bias in an experimental asthma model
Jonatan Leffler
P021 Suppression of colitis using hookworm derived compounds
Severine Navarro
P022 Monocyte-derived cells promote optimal recall responses following viral challenge.
Todd Norton
P023 Fungal-bacterial cross-talk in the gut shapes the systemic metabolome and susceptibility to house dust mite-induced asthma
Olaf Perdijk
P024 Intraepithelial lymphocytes: Diversity in development and function of the gastrointestinal tract
Dinesh Raghu
P025 Human T cell suppressive checkpoint triggered through cross-talk with cancer-associated fibroblasts
Anne Fletcher
P026 Distinct mechanisms control thymic epithelial cell survival during homeostasis versus cytoablative treatment.
Daniel Gray
Josephine Gunawan
P028 Stromal Landscape of the Breast Tumour Microenvironment at Single Cell Resolution
Sunny Wu
P029 Bacterial families which dominate the gut microbiota following antibiotic exposure differentially modulate B and T cell responses to vaccination.
Saoirse Benson
P030 Early-life antibiotic-driven dysbiosis in mice is associated with impaired metabolism and immunity in later life, and reduced lifespan.
Georgina Eden
P031 Increased bacterial colonization on skin of immunosuppressed organ transplant patients
Burhan Khan
P032 JaCa 'dirty' mice - a new resource for studying host-commensal interactions in immunity, autoimmunity and cancer
Tri Phan
P033 The role of nutrient deficiency in regulating mucosal Treg cell responses
Lucille Rankin
P034 Intraarticular Inflammatory Response of Human Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes Induced by Bacterial DNA
Palapun Waitayangkoon
P035 The impacts of oxygen and medicine in immune cells in hypoxic condition
Sung-hyuk Choi
P036 Dupixent: a review of the revolutionary role of the new IL-4Ra antagonist in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, asthma, and chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyposis.
Katherine Darch
P037 MAIT cell interactions in human neoplastic conditions
Jason Kelly
P039 Analytical validation of run-to-run and site-to-site performance of a human immune profiling assay and automated data analysis solution for CyTOF mass cytometry technology
Boon-Eng The
P040 A novel function for the cytokine receptor common beta subunit in enhancing IgE-dependent mast cell activation
Kwok Ho (Dave) Yip
P041 Murine models of peanut & cat allergy for the development of therapeutic vaccination approaches to cure allergy.
Samantha Wilson
P042 Immune monitoring of clinical Recurrent Miscarriage and Infertility to identify targets for human immunotherapy
Jasmine Wilson
P043 Mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells as a novel therapeutic target against atopic dermatitis
Elizabeth Carpenter
P044 The role of adjuvants in the development of more durable influenza vaccines for adults and neonates
Isaac Sakala
P045 Vaccine adjuvant uptake and innate immune responses in an ex vivo human lymph node culture model
Kerrie Sandgren
P046 The self-peptide repertoire plays a critical role in transplant tolerance induction.
Alexandra Sharland
P047 Optimising irradiation conditions to ensure sterility and immunogenicity of whole inactivated virus vaccines
Eve Singleton
P048 The ATP-P2X7 signalling axis promotes graft-versus-host disease in humanised mice
Ronald Sluyter
P049 Deciphering the pulmonary mucosal immune response to a novel tuberculosis subunit vaccine candidate
Erica Stewart
P050 Assessing mAbs to novel targets for an in vivo dendritic cell vaccine.
Sarah Sutherland
P051 Optimising CAR T cell therapy for solid cancer
Nga Truong
P052 Investigating combinational therapies with post-transplant cyclophosphamide and P2X7 blockade to prevent graft-versus-host disease in a humanised mouse model.
Debbie Watson
P053 Fighting cancer with high affinity T cell receptors
Yide Wong
P054 A preclinical study: drug repositioning of IL-1 receptor antagonist anakinra for cardiopulmonary diseases in preterm infants.
Claudia Nold-Petry
P055 A single cell multi-omics approach towards the identification of cellular and molecular signatures of CAR CD19 T cells
Raymond Louie
P056 Modulation of BRAFV600E signalling in melanoma: consequences for tumour immune cell infiltration
Madeleine Massy-Westropp
P057 Identification of novel genes that protect against CAR T cell therapy using genome-wide CRISPR screening
Jessica Michie
P058 Characterising the effect of Hck inhibition in a mouse mammary tumour model using single cell sequencing
Michael Murrey
P060 Comprehensive assessment of the mechanisms underpinning the anti-tumour potential of individual type I interferons
Hannah Newnes
P062 Mucosal Associated Invariant T cells in Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
Louis Perriman
P063 In depth characterization of CD8+ T cells in a rare case of metastatic mucosal melanoma
Angela Pizzolla
Nicole Principe
P065 Regulation of ADAM9 in modulating immune function for cancer treatment
Yuh-Pyng Sher
P066 Bi-specific CAR-T cell therapy for glioblastoma
Stanley Yu


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